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1996 Teacher of the Year
Mrs. J. Spera
1996 Teacher of the Year

Every year Schuyler School proudly presents a Teacher of the Year award.

This year's candidate for the award, which was well earned, goes to Mrs. Spera. We are now going to take a look at an interview given by our own, Christie Silva to this wonderful teacher.

Q. What is reaction to winning "The Teacher of the Year Award"? A. I was so very surprised, I was also so very deeply touched by having been awarded this honor.

Q. How many years have you been teaching? A. I have taught for 27 years in public schools and about 2 1/2 years in Catholic schools.

Q. What was your favorite school to teach in? A. My favorite school to teach in is Schuyler School, since, of course, I have been here for the longest period of time. I have become acquainted with so many children and their families over the years. During that time I have also formed close relationships with the teachers in our school. Schuyler School, I feel, has become my home away from home.

Q. What part of teaching do you enjoy the most? A. The part of teaching I enjoy the most is just being able to share learning experiences with each student. As we share our experience together, I get to learn much more about each student. This gives me so much satisfaction! Students, I think, get to learn a little about me, too. Together, we work to have a year filled with learning and fun. This is more than any teacher can ask for in her lifetime.

Q. What is your description of a great student? A. I feel that the student who works to the best of his ability in school, and show a little consideration for others, is the student that is "Number One" in my book.

Congratulations, Mrs. Spera!