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1997 Teacher of the Year

Mrs. A. Walters
1997 Teacher of the Year


Every year Schuyler School proudly presents a Teacher of the Year award. This year's candidate for the award, which was well earned, goes to Mrs. Walters. Now for a look at an interview given by Joanna Tarasewicz.

Q. Where were you born?

A. I was born in Clara Maass Hospital in Belleville, NJ.


Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up in Kearny, NJ.


Q. While growing up, what was your favorite subject or favorite special class?

A. My favorite subjects, when I was younger, were Spelling and Reading because I was good at both.


Q. Where did you go to high school?

A. I went to Kearny High School right here in Kearny, NJ.


Q. Where did you go to college?

A. I went to Jersey City State College in Jersey City, NJ.


Q. Was it always your dream to be a teacher? If so, when did you decide to become one?

A. Yes, it was always mt dream to be a teacher. I decided that I definitely wanted to become a teacher in college.


Q. Did you ever teach in any other schools besides Schuyler School?

A. Yes, I also taught in Franklin School, Roosevelt School and Garfield School.


Q. What is your favorite subject to teach?

A. My favorite subject to teach is Reading.


Q. How many years have you been teaching?

A. I've been teaching for about 12 years now.


Q. How does it feel to be "Teacher of the Year?"

A. It feels good. I mean, "Teacher of the Year", it's a real honor.


Q. Are there any other dreams or goals left for you after this award?

A. No, after this, there really isn't anything left that I really want to do.


On behalf of everyone at Schuyler School

Congratulations, Mrs. Walters!