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Founders Day PTA Meeting and Silly Circus

a review by Michael Munley

On Friday, February 28th, the PTA held their Founders Day meeting for 100 years of service. First, the PTA officers read the minutes of the last meeting. The next item on the agenda was a candle lighting ceremony, for the past presidents and the current president, Eileen Eckel. Lauren Svec, the president of Schuyler School's Student Council, also participated by lighting a candle. The meeting proceeded and the past Presidents received flowers.

The big show was next! Mark Stolzenberg, a clown, was the main attraction. Mark toured as a clown with Ringling Bros. and B&B Circus. He also appeared on ABC's soap opera, All My Children.

Mark road a unicycle, juggled with fire, did mime, performed acrobatics, did a lot of comedy and had many members of the audience on stage to participate. In my opinion, he was very entertaining.

The PTA served popcorn, just like the real circus, and also served juice, coffee, and cake at the end of the program.

Thank you PTA and Schuyler School for a great night!