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Net Day at Schuyler School

Schuyler School is a registered NetDay participant, planning to take part in wiring our school during the month of April 1997. We are actively seeking a Sponsor to provide the funding for NetDay kits and other equipment needed to bring technology to our classrooms. Any and all donations towards NetDay are currently being accepted by the Schuyler School PTA.

What is NetDay?

NetDay NJ is a collaborative effort by schools, volunteers, and sponsors to connect 1,000 New Jersey schools to the Internet by spring 1997. Because technology is leading the way to the future, Internet connectivity will be an essential element in the classroom. NetDay is a way for citizens like you to work together to help Kindergarten through 12th grade schools obtain Internet access over a short period of time and at a little cost. NetDay NJ will launch a process through which parents, students, teachers and administrators come together to take an interest in the state of technology in theirs schools. It will be an opportunity for a school's community to assess the school's need, available resources, and what to do next to help the school enter a networked world. The overall effort is being coordinated by the Partnership for New Jersey, an association of corporate CEOs and leaders of selected nonprofit organizations.

Why is this Important?

NetDay NJ is a true community effort, with business, industry, private organizations and private citizens working together to get our schools "wired" for digital communication. All these partners have committed substantial amounts of money, equipment and expertise to help make this effort a success. And this effort will eliminate the first barrier to school connectivity to the Internet by linking classrooms, libraries and labs to a central point in each school. NetDay NJ will complement other efforts such as linking the central point to the outside world, putting computers in the classrooms and training teachers to use the Internet as a teaching and learning resource in their regular curriculum.

How will schools actually get connected to the Internet?

Teams of 5 to 7 citizens for each participating school are at the heart of the initiative. This is where we nee YOUR SUPPORT. Team members will survey schools, install wire, and connect a modem.

What's the timetable for NetDay NJ?

Citizens of all ages are signing up now to be a part of community teams. Schools are also signing up now. Planning and funding work will begin as soon as teams are are created and will go on through the summer. The wiring date is any Saturday in April as designated by each site.

Do I have to have special technology skills to participate?

Absolutely not. With 1,000 schools to wire we need many pairs of hands to pull wires, help move equipment and do all the important non-technology tasks required to make this effort a success. Of course if you do have special knowledge in the computer or communications field, that will be a big help, too!

Can my company donate money to NetDay NJ?

Yes. It costs about $750 for each school to purchase a connection kit. The kits include 2,000 feet of Category 5 wire, jacks, patch panel, instructions, a video tape on how to do the job, and software and other products the schools can use to take full advantage of the Internet.

How YOU can participate in NetDay NJ

Just call 1-888-665-3832 and ask if your school is scheduled to be wired. You can volunteer to help at any school that's signed up. Or surf to to register.Go to NJ NetDay Registration.