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Schuyler School - Wired to the World

On May 10, 1997, Schuyler School participated in NetDay. With a generous donation from the PTA, and hard work of our volunteers we were able to wire 24 classrooms for access to the Internet.

Our day began at 8:30 with a short breakfast meeting and planning session. By 9:00, the wires began to cover the halls of the first floor with volunteers in constant motion. Everyone had a hand in pulling cable through the distant halls, climbing on ladders, securing cable to the walls, and placed the jacks for computer connection. Refreshments and conversations flowed as freely as the cable and although the work was exhausting a rewarding and enjoyable experience was had by all.

Running out of cable was a nightmare had by all involved in the preparation.....and of course it soon became a reality. But, through the quick actions of our parents, another spool of cable was ordered and acquired. The wiring continued throughout the afternoon and into the early evening. At 5:00 on May 10th Schuyler School had officially completed it's first NetDay and taken a huge step to providing our children with the necessary tool for learning in the 21st century.