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 Organizing & Creating a School

Web Site


This website contains lessons created to assist teachers in exploring the parts of a web page. It includes sections on searching for graphics, locations of other school home pages on the Internet, and HTML editors that are available. The planning and publishing is in your hands.

The target group for this project consists of a small group of teachers involved in learning HTML to assist students in how to build web pages.

Lesson Topic
The topics explored in this lesson are:
1) how to create a web page using HTML, and;
2) how to organize and publish a school web site through cooperative learning.

The teachers will learn the following:
1) What Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is and why it is utilized.
2) How to incorporate graphics into a web page.
3) How to create hypertext links between pages.
4) Searching the Internet.
5) Utilizing the Internet as a resource for information.
6) Working in a cooperative environment.

A website is created for the participants which allows for the exploration and collection of information they feel will facilitate the creation of their web page. Teachers are asked to visit the website and begin to organize their ideas for presentation to the group. Each participant is asked to collect files and begin composing an article relevant to a school activity. All files are to be saved to a disk, with text saved either in HTML or an ordinary .txt file for later conversion. The group will meet, view each others ideas, graphics and suggestions and begin to design a central home page with links to the web pages created by each individual.

Teachers will utilize an computers running either the Windows 95/98 or Macintosh operating system. HTML will be used for these lessons, however, HTML editor programs such as; HotDog Pro 2.0, Adobe PageMill 2.0, Claris Homepage, or Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 are available. A scanner is available as well as a digital camera and video camera.

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